Easy way to install Phalcon PHP when you’re using XAMPP on a MAC

This is the easiest way to install PhalconPHP that I have found.  I’m using XAMPP but it should work with other ‘AMP’ installs, however the path for the phalcon.so file on my XAMPP install is:



If you want to compile it yourself, the instructions below worked for me:

brew install php56-phalcon
git clone http://github.com/phalcon/cphalcon
cd cphalcon/build
git checkout 3.0.x
cd ..
cd ext
....and then copied the phalcon.so file to the xampp folder:
I needed to move to the ‘ext’ directory before the call to install because when I tried to install from the build directory I got this error:
 No such file or directory
I found this discussion which said to switch to the ext directory…and I did…and it worked! (phew)
Here are the links I used to piece this together:


Also — this is the fastest way I’ve found to install Phalcon PHP development tools on Windows!

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