PhalconPHP 3.0 Tutorial (using XAMPP)

I’m working on a PhalconPHP 3 tutorial.  This tutorial will take you through building and deploying an entire web application.  To hear more about the course join my mailing list.

This is what I have so far:

Course PreReqs:
– You should already have installed a MAMP, XAMPP (or other application) with PHP 5.6

The prework consists of installing PhalconPHP & PhalconPHP dev tools and Composer on a MAC or Windows:

Install PhalconPHP on a MAC
Install PhalconPHP devtools on a MAC

Install PhalconPHP on Windows
Install PhalconPHP devtools on winows.

Install Composer on MAC or Windows

I’m working on the first video tutorial that will explain the structure of the files in a PhalconPHP project.  If you have suggestions for the course or feedback on what I’ve posted so far please email me at

Get to know the structure of PhalconPHP projects (3 minute video)

Understanding project folder & file naming conventions (video & files used in video)

A little about the PhalconPHP configuration files

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